5 simple inventions to make your daily routine easier

Between working a fulltime job, raising kids, and trying to take care of yourself, it’s tough to find enough time to handle the rest of your daily duties. Cooking dinner, cleaning up after everyone, and doing laundry are just a few of the chores that fall to the wayside. Hell, how many of us have a few loads of laundry piled on top of the guest bed, waiting to be folded? I know we do…

  1. A hot tub cover lifter. Do you have a hot tub/spa? You probably know how heavy those hot tub covers can get after they soak up some water. A cover lifter attaches to the sides of your spa cover and makes it much easier to life/remove from the tub, saving you time and energy.
  2. A dust buster. Seriously folks, how handy are these things? As a single person I forgot about them. As a parent I’m all about them. How else will I clean up the cheerios, legos, bread crumbs, and every other conceivable thing that falls onto the floor?
  3. A good alarm clock. Sounds simple, right? Well waking up early in the morning is a key step for successful people because it gives them extra time to catch up on things they might otherwise ignore. Our advice? Check out this article on morning routines for entrepreneurs.
  4. Meal delivery services. I confess, I used Blue Apron for a year before quitting them, and I still think about the delicious pre-packaged recipes on a regular basis. You know how much time we spend shopping for food, debating what to make, and then getting pissed when we forgot something crucial in a recipe? A lot. The time saved here is huge, not to mention the meal planning effort.
  5. The iRobot roomba. Ok I admit I was skeptical of how well this thing works. But just read our previous post about it and you’ll see this thing is a beast! Really makes it so much nicer to come home to a clean floor. With the dust buster in tow I never do any vacuuming anymore.

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