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On minimizing to preserve sanity

Let’s face it. Getting home after a 9-5 leaves very little room to motivate, clean the house, cook the food, and spend time with the husband/wife/kids. There’s something to be said of downsizing, minimizing the amount of crap we have hanging around in our lives. This conspicuous consumption culture has created a mess of our living rooms, not to mention our minds. Clutter is everywhere!


So in 2017 I vow to cut down on buying things I want. Not need, just want. And to thank it for its use, the happiness it brought me, and then toss it in the trash or give it away.

Some of my favorite minimalist blogs:

There are plenty to choose from, but these three seem to be my most frequented.


Another thing I’ve been fascinated with is the tiny house movement. The idea of living in 200sf may not appeal to some, and frankly there are days I definitey want to stay as far away from my husband as possible. But I keep seeing these gorgeous tiny houses for sale and I keep thinking to myself, “yea, I could do that”. Plus it’s a lot easier to clean a tiny house than a big McMansion!

What are you doing this year to help yourself be more mindful, present, and free up time from dreaded chores?


Quite a remarkable Pinot Noir

Which wine pairs best with housework

Ask your average 40-something, stay at home mother what wine they like to drink and you’ll probably get a lot of similar answers. Chardonnay, aka the cougar crack, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Merlot are all likely suspects. Whether you’re having a glass with lunch, as an afternoon snack, or with your evening meal, I for one will opt for a nice Pinot Noir.

Quite a remarkable Pinot Noir

Quite a remarkable Pinot Noir

My favorite? Probably Meiomi. It’s available just about everywhere, and goes down so easy. Lots of rich, red fruit flavor and it’s just oh so yummy. But I’ve also found some really incredible offers from Last Bottle. Among my favorites were the Sleeper label, made in house by the team using “declassified” fruit from respected sources.

If you want to go with Chardonnay, I must say that while big, buttery fruit bombs seem to have fallen in favor, I still love them. And you can’t go wrong with the Butter chard. Yes, that’s actually the name, and yes it’s everything you’d expect – big, sweet, unctuous (yes I used that word) and still crisp with lots of bright tropical fruit. You should be able to find this just about anywhere as they are very widely distributed.

Mother’s little helper – the 2016 version

Remember that song by the Rolling Stones – Mother’s Little Helper?

“Kids are different today, I hear every mother say
Mother needs something today to calm her down
And though she’s not really ill, there’s a little yellow pill
She goes running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper
And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day.”

They were referencing a very specific drug that’s no longer in existence today. The ever famous Quaalude is what most people think of but according to┬áthe website i09 this was about a lesser known drug called┬ámeprobamate. It’s no longer around, so what does mommy need today to get by?

Cougar juice. Cougar crack. Aka Chardonnay. Big, buttery stuff, the thick yellow juice that makes parenting, cooking, watching daytime television, and nagging husbands all the better. Whether it’s from Kendall Jackson, Rombauer, or Chateau St. Jean, doesn’t matter. It’s widely available and you can use it for whatever ails you.

The one thing to make chores better

If there’s one thing that can make doing housework and chores better, it has to be marijuana. Doesn’t it make everything better, really? Watching movies, eating dinner, listening to your wife rant about that crazy b&@(# at work, etc. Nobody likes vacuuming, doing dishes, mopping the floor, or mowing the lawn and this is especially true if you’re sober. So the best solution? Get a vaporizer, load that puppy with some fresh ground herbals, and go about your business.


Thing is you can’t just get any old vape. There are sooo many cheap Chinese knockoffs out there that you risk wasting a lot of money. Not to mention precious herb. No, you my friend want to find the best portable vaporizer for your money and that’s exactly what I did. It came down to three really.

First was the Haze V3, an awesome unit with a dual oven configuration that I really liked. Second was the famous Pax, by now on the third version, which seemed greatly improved. Both these first options allow the use of concentrates which I really dig. Last was the firefly 2. A sexy looking unit for sure, but the most expensive.

However if portability isn’t a concern, and you simply want a beautiful, nondescript unit to keep stowed away in your living room, the Arizer Extreme Q is where it’s at. This bad boy is just a powerhouse when it comes to vaping dry herbs. Easily on par with the Volcano, but way cheaper.

In the end I went with the Haze. It seemed to have a rabid following on the Vaporents subreddit, and the company offers a really extensive warranty. And to be perfectly honest, I just love it.