On minimizing to preserve sanity

Let’s face it. Getting home after a 9-5 leaves very little room to motivate, clean the house, cook the food, and spend time with the husband/wife/kids. There’s something to be said of downsizing, minimizing the amount of crap we have hanging around in our lives. This conspicuous consumption culture has created a mess of our living rooms, not to mention our minds. Clutter is everywhere!


So in 2017 I vow to cut down on buying things I want. Not need, just want. And to thank it for its use, the happiness it brought me, and then toss it in the trash or give it away.

Some of my favorite minimalist blogs:

There are plenty to choose from, but these three seem to be my most frequented.


Another thing I’ve been fascinated with is the tiny house movement. The idea of living in 200sf may not appeal to some, and frankly there are days I definitey want to stay as far away from my husband as possible. But I keep seeing these gorgeous tiny houses for sale and I keep thinking to myself, “yea, I could do that”. Plus it’s a lot easier to clean a tiny house than a big McMansion!

What are you doing this year to help yourself be more mindful, present, and free up time from dreaded chores?


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