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Our quest to find a great hot tub cover

Not long ago we were faced with an untimely decision. What to do with our hot tub cover. It was heavy, soggy with water, probably molding under the vinyl, and a big eyesore. Not to mention nearly impossible to lift.

warped hot tub cover

Status: needs replacing asap.

Being as it had been nearly five years since we had to buy a new hot tub cover, the time was due for sure. We started looking around town, called a few places that sell hot tubs, and got some responses that varied from “sure we can do that for you and the cost is $549” to “nope, sorry we dont’ carry hot tub covers”.

Ok. Time to search online. There are plenty of places to buy, but we settled on Hot Tub Cover Depot. They make every cover by hand, exactly to your order specs, using high quality materials. Best of all, they’re located right here in the USA.

We live in a pretty varied climate. Hot summers, cold winters, lots of rain, snow, and sleet. So our cover needed to withstand these types of conditions. They had three different thicknesses, from 4″ to 6″ with various density foam cores. We went with the highest level, 6″ thick with a 2.0 lb core and extra thick vinyl. Hopefully this lasts more than 5 years. Total cost? Around $400 with all options, and shipped for free to our door.

Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. Check them out next time you need to replace your cover. https://hottubcoverdepot.com for more info