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Roomba by iRobot is a life changing invention

Is there any chore worse than vacuuming? You gotta lug the heavy vacuum around, unwrap the cord, adjust the height, and then reverse all those steps. Frankly I’ve never met someone who said “Gee I really love vacuuming. It’s so peaceful and rewarding”.

So when iRobot made the Roomba vacuum you bet we were thrilled. Jumping with joy you might say, not only because the dog would have something to play with during the day, but because we could come home to a clean house.

The good

Really small, easy to hide away and totally discrete looking unit. Very easy to get unpacked and set up. Your robot vacuum will be running in ten minutes after getting it. Easy to setup on a regular schedule, so it cleans without getting in your way when you’re out of the house. Even with three cats and a dog this thing picked up a massive amount of material! Very surprising how well it worked. As for allergies, they’re mostly gone. Simple incredible. Life changing. I’m just amazed at how well this thing works – and it cleans the edges, dusting, and vacuuming all at once.

The bad

It’s not cheap by any means. But do a little math here – how many hours do you spend vacuuming each year? Ten, twenty? What’s your time worth…multiply that by the number of hours you’re working and I bet you’ll find it pays off handsomely. Plus if you have a cleaning crew coming through your home regularly you know how expensive that can be. So yea, it’s a small investment up front, but one that pays off very nicely over time. One thing worth mentioning is this works GREAT on wood floors, but you might run into issues if you have lots of high rugs in the house.